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When do I need to complete a Travel Authority (TA)?

Written prior approval is required on the TA in the following circumstances:

  • When a travel advance is requested.  Route to Travel Services
  • When a conference registration is to be paid in advance.  Route to Accounts Payable.

Note:  The Purchasing Card is the preferred method of payment of conference registrations.

  • When the traveler is going out of state or out of country.
  • When a privately owned, rented, or chartered aircraft will be used.
  • When a third party is paying for a portion of a WSU official’s travel.
  • When requesting an exception to policy.
  • When seeking authorization for applicant, student, speaker, or other nonemployee travel.
  • If you department requires it.  An individual unit may require written approval for all travel.

Unless otherwise noted above, the approved TA should be retained by the department.


When do I need to seek approval to travel?

  • All official travel needs approval prior to the trip either by use of the TA (when required) or some other means of approval (written, verbal, etc).  See 95.05 for an explanation on when the TA is required to be completed.

What kind of receipts do I need to keep from my trip?

  • All travel related receipts in excess of $50 need to be kept where the traveler will be seeking reimbursement.

What can I do if I lost my receipts?

What personally paid travel expenses can be reimbursed prior to traveling?

  • Airfare and conference registrations (for WSU employees only).  See 95.20.


Note:  The Purchasing Card is the preferred method of payment of conference registrations.

         The Central Travel Account (CTA) is the preferred method of payment for all airfare.

Where can I find training materials on the eForms system?

Can I use my Travel Card to make personal purchases?

  • The University maintains a zero tolerance policy for any personal usage of University Travel Charge Cards.  Because the card is issued by Washington State University for University business travel expenses, the University may cancel the card account for misuse and/or payment delinquency.

Where can I find information on how to apply for a Travel Card?

Am I allowed to have a WSU employee’s lodging direct billed to WSU?

  • Policy prohibits the direct billing of employee lodging.  To seek an exception to policy, please contact Gerik Kimble or Pattie Collins with detailed information prior to the trip for evaluation of the circumstances.

Am I allowed to have a WSU student's lodging direct billed to WSU?  What if the student also has an hourly position?
  • Yes.  Students traveling on behalf of WSU can have their lodging direct billed regardless of whether they have a hourly position.  The student's department is responsible for making the arrangements.

If I am traveling and have personal automobile trouble, will WSU reimburse me for getting my car fixed?  Can I use my Travel Card to pay for the services?

  • WSU is not responsible for repairs to personal automobiles.  Using your WSU Travel Card is not appropriate.

As a WSU employee, am I eligible to receive a travel advance?

  • To be eligible to receive a travel advance, the period of travel must be 15 consecutive days or more.  See 95.05.


May I use the government rate offered by hotels when I am not traveling on business?

  • If the rate is offered to all government employees, whether or not they are on official business, then yes.  If the hotel requires you to be on official business, then you cannot accept the government rate.  To do so would be to use your official position to secure a special privilege.  Reference:  WA State Ethics Board


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