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    All the forms you will need to request and utilize a CTA account

For more information regarding the Central Travel Accounts, please contact Travel Services.

What is a Central Travel Account (CTA)?

Central Travel Accounts (CTA) are accounts set up for departments to use when purchasing airfare, rail fare, bus fare, and charter buses. These are ghost (card-less) accounts with internet-based reconciliation via JPMC. 

To access the online platform, visit the following link:

What are the Benefits of using a CTA Account?

Departmental Benefits: Allows departments to purchase air, rail and bus fares without having to seek reimbursement for individuals (Great for Guest Speakers)

Travelers Benefits: No waiting for reimbursement

How to Get a CTA Account?

Departments must apply for a CTA Account using a memo to Travel Services.

The memo must include the following information:

  • Department Name
  • Department Organization Number
  • Department Phone Number
  • Department Address
  • Department Zip
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Person's Phone Number
  • Default Budget Coding
  • A list of 3 people authorized to make purchases using the CTA Account

Department is also responsible to attend training on how to reconcile a CTA Account. Training is provided monthly. Contact HRS to schedule.

For a sample memo click here.

Guidelines for Using CTA Accounts

How to Purchase Airfare:

Departments using a CTA must purchase airfare using the following methods:

  1. Using a Travel Agency
  2. Directly with the Airline
  3. Use services such as Cheaptickets, Expedia, or Priceline (Note: tickets may not be refundable or transferable)
Who is authorized to use a CTA account?

Department personnel authorized by their college/department are allowed to use the CTA.

Prohibited Transactions

Any transaction other than airfare, rail fare, bus fare, and charter buses.

Reconciliation and Log-Sheets

Department are required to reconcile all transactions online and maintain a log of all transactions made using a CTA account.

To access the online platform, visit the following link:

Department Responsibilities
  • Departments must notify Travel if any contact information changes
  • Departments are responsible to maintain complete records
    • Who is authorized to use the CTA
    • Completed log sheet and supporting documents
    • Current contact information
  • Departments are responsible for timely on-line reconciliation


The following forms are in PDF format and require: Adobe Acrobat Reader - Download

CTA Log Sheet PDF format 53KB 1 Page BPPM 95.04.4
Sample Memo PDF format 35KB 1 Page

To access the online platform, visit the following link:

Travel Services, PO Box 641025, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-1025, 509-335-2034, Contact Us