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Travel & Accounts Payable Direct Deposit

A WSU employee may authorize Accounts Payable/Travel to direct deposit travel and other reimbursements to their checking account in any U.S. bank that is a member of an automated clearing house.

Self Service Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Some points to remember about Direct Deposit:

  • Self service is the quickest and most efficient sign up method. Do it at your convenience from any web browser.
  • Direct deposits are valid for checking accounts only
  • To view your travel deposits:
    log into, Click on Finances, and scroll to the bottom of the page: the Reimbursements Section. From there, click on “View Reimbursement Direct Deposits".

Enrollment Procedures for Snail Mail Direct Deposit

  • Snail Mail direct deposits require you to attach a voided check with the employee's name imprinted on it.
  • We can only deposit into domestic United States bank accounts or credit unions.
  • We can not accept counter checks (checks without the individual's printed name). Funds will generally be available in the bank account within three business days after notification.
  • Attach a pre-printed voided check from your checkbook. (Limited to checking accounts only)
  • Forward the Direct Deposit Authorization form and pre-printed voided check to Travel Services, Mail Stop 1025, Room 240 French Administration Building, PO Box 641025, Pullman, Wa 99164-1025.
  • For your security and financial protection, put your authorization form and attachments in a sealed business envelope before placing them in an interdepartmental mailing envelope.
  • After the authorization is processed, employees will receive an e-mail notification for each direct deposit transaction processed.
  • For more information, please call Travel Services at 335-2034.
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