Travel Services Processing a TEV


The travel staff has 10 business days to audit and finalize a properly filled out TEV for reimbursement. During the audit the following is reviewed:

  • Name and address on the form match what is in the WSU system;
  • WSU ID number is correct;
  • Trip end and start dates are accurate;
  • Per diem rate is correct based on location(s);
  • If lodging exception is being claimed that a rule number is provided for justification;
  • All required receipts are attached;
  • Signed by the required individuals, including the expenditure authority for all budgets being used;
  • Appropriate funding is used (i.e. 17A where needed);
  • Identify any taxable expenses and route those to Payroll; and
  • Overall compliance with WSU and state travel policies.

Central will request additional information when needed and can deny reimbursement of expenses if they do not comply with WSU and state policies. The TEV will be routed back to the department if corrections are needed.


The timing of reimbursement is dependent on the method of payment. For E-forms, there is a lag of two days from the date of finalization to the payment schedule date. This allows for a review of payment request errors after the upload.

  • Direct Deposit – Deposited 2-3 business days after scheduled paid date.
  • Check – Mailed 1 business day after scheduled paid date.
  • Wires – Issued 1 business day after scheduled paid date.