Travel Services

Travel Approvals

Travel Approval

All travel done for official WSU business requires prior approval. Written documentation is required for the following:

  • All nonemployee travel (i.e. student, speaker, applicant);
  • Requesting a travel advance;
  • Paying conference registration fees in advance;
  • Out of state/country travel;
  • If an exception to the policy is requested;
  • If privately-owned, rented, or chartered aircraft will be used; or
  • If travel is partially or entirely supported by funds not administered by the WSU Controller’s Office.

In all other cases verbal approval is acceptable, however, individual departments may require all travel have prior approval documented in writing.

Travel Authority (TA) Form

The official WSU Travel Authority form must be used when:

  • Routing a travel advance request through Travel Services; or
  • Routing a conference registration payment through Account Payable.

For all other documented prior approval, departments may use substitute forms as long as all of the required data is collected. For most university funding sources, prior approval requests must be signed by the appropriate Dean/Vice President (may be delegated to Chairs/Directors). Except when requesting an advance or payment of conference registration the form needs to be retained by the departments and not routed elsewhere. Ideally these documents should be maintained in the department budget or travel file and must be available for audit.

Conference Registration

The preferred method of payment for conference registration is directly to the vendor via the Purchasing Card (P-Card). If the P-Card is not used, WSU can pay the vendor via the TA indicating it is for conference registration and attaching a completed registration form. Be sure to put the full name of the conference in the ‘Purpose’ section and not an acronym. The TA is to be routed to Accounts Payable for payment to the vendor.

If the employee chooses to use personal resources for the registration they can be reimbursed via a WSU Invoice Voucher routed to Travel Services with the associated receipts. This cannot be reimbursed more than 30 days prior to the start of the trip as it is considered an advance per the State.

If meals are part of the regular registration fee and are not optional, general university funds may be used to pay conference meal costs. If they are optional, however, meal costs may only be paid up to the maximum allowable amounts using general university funds.

Travel Advance

To receive a Travel Advance, complete a TA form indicating the request of an advance and the amount requested. Only appointed WSU employees with at least two months of remaining employment are eligible for travel advances. An eligible employee may request a travel advance for meals and lodging per diem if the travel period exceeds 15 days. Any exceptions to WSU travel advance policy must be clearly noted on the travel authority form.

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