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WSU Travel Charge Cards

What is a WSU Travel Charge Card?

The WSU Travel Charge Card is a personal liability Visa card issued to WSU employees to be used for payment of expense incurred while traveling on behalf of WSU.

What are Allowable Purchases with the WSU Travel Charge Card?

The WSU Travel Charge Card is a personal liability Visa card issued to WSU employees to be used for payment of expense incurred while traveling on behalf of WSU.

Allowable Purchases

  • The individual account can be used only for Washington State University business related travel expenses.  Examples include meals, hotels, car rentals, taxis and so forth. 

Note:   The preferred method for purchasing airfare is with a Departmental CTA.
          The preferred method for purchasing conference registrations is with the Purchasing Card.



What are Prohibited Purchases?

Prohibited purchases include any personal items and any non-official travel related expenditures.

Note: With the exception of meals, if you are not going to be directly reimbursed for the charges, do not use the Travel Card!

How do I get a WSU Travel Charge Card?

  1. Print a copy of the WSU Travel Charge Card Application Form WSU Travel Charge Card Application
  2. Complete application (all requested information required)
  3. Have application approved and signed by applicants supervisor.
  4. Mail or fax the completed application to the Travel Services, Zip 1025 or fax (509) 335-2071.

You will be contacted by the Travel Office when your card arrives and is ready for pickup. (Please allow 2 to 3 weeks once Travel has your application form for your card to arrive.)

Applicants must be employees and expected to take at least one business trip per year.

Cardholder Responsibilities

  • All transactions must be legal. 
  • The individual cardholder is personally responsible for paying all charges on the card.
  • Monthly statement are sent to cardholder's home address.  Payment is due in full by the next billing statement. The account is not a revolving credit account. Partial payments are prohibited.
  • Keep the card in a secure location
  • Review WSU Business Policies and Procedures regularly for program changes and or updates
  • Notify Travel Services when you leave employment of the University
  • Reporting lost or stolen cards
  • Upon termination of WSU employment, the card must be returned to the Travel Card Administrator and the balance paid in full.

Benefits and Features

  • The card is accepted at more than 16 million merchants worldwide.
  • Eliminates the need to use a personal credit card for business travel freeing up personal credit and credit limits.
  • $500,000 common carrier insurance.
  • $1250 lost or stolen luggage insurance.
  • $1000 hotel/motel theft insurance.
  • Collision damage insurance up to the full value of the rental car.
  • No annual fee.
  • If reimbursement is occasionally delayed, up to 60 days to pay the account balance in full without delinquency or interest charges.

For more information please see the the Visa Benefit Guide.

Lost/Stolen Card

Call VISA at 1-800-270-7760 and report it immediately.

Credit Limits

Everyone has a credit limit/line on their card. The credit line varies based on an individual's credit assessment. There are three credit lines: $5000, $3500, & $1500. The credit line is a limit for ALL categories of purchases including retail. When this initial limit is reached an automatic override "kicks in" for an additional 200% or 300% for strictly travel and what the industry calls "entertainment charges" (T&E). Travel charges consist of airline, hotel/motel, automobile rental, rail, taxi, etc. "Entertainment" charges consist mainly of restaurants and other eating establishments.

Credit Line + T&E Override = Total Travel Limit Available
$5000 $10000 $15000
$3500 $7000 $10500
$1500 $4500 $6000

Early Reimbursement For Airfare or Conference Registrations

Because you may charge airfare and registration well in advance of a trip, you will need to pay the VISA bill with those charges before you leave. In this situation you may be reimbursed early. For early reimbursement:

  • Prepare a travel expense voucher (TEV or invoice voucher) for the conference registration fees and/or the airfare.
  • Attach the registration receipt, travel agency receipt, or other proof of charge to the TEV.
  • Send the TEV or invoice voucher and attachments to the Travel Office.
  • You receive a check.
  • Prepare a second TEV when you return.
  • Reference this early reimbursement.
  • Include any remaining expenses from your trip.


WSU Travel Charge Card Application

PDF Format

WSU Travel Charge Card Cardholder's Agreement

PDF Format
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