Travel Services Allowable Expenses

Allowable Expenses

Travelers may be reimbursed for the following types of expenses while in travel status via Workday Create Expense Report process:

Lodging (see BPPM 95.06)

– Reimbursed at the actual cost up to the daily maximum allowable lodging rate in effect at the time of travel for the location.

  • Travelers must use a commercial lodging facility in order to seek reimbursement.
    • Shared venue lodging (i.e. AirBNB, VRBO, etc.) have been classified as commercial lodging facilities per the State and are allowable per WSU policy as of June 2017.
  • Lodging within 50 miles of the closer of either the traveler’s official residence or official station is not reimbursable.

Meals (see BPPM 95.06)

– Reimbursed at the meal rate in effect at the time of travel for the location. Location for overnight trips is based on where the traveler sleeps; for single day trips it is the primary destination.

  • If actual cost is used, an itemized receipt is required and reimbursement will be capped at per diem for the location and time.
    • No reimbursement for alcohol.
  • For single day trips that meet the 11-Hour Rule, all qualified meal reimbursements are taxable. If the 11-Hour Rule is not met the meals are not reimbursable.
  • Meals are not reimbursable if provided regardless if:
    • The cost was included in a registration fee;
    • The meal does not comply with dietary decisions for religious or other optional choices; or
    • The traveler attended the function where the meal was served.
      • Example: Chose not to attend the reception and dinner at a conference.

Transportation (see BPPM 95.07)

– When available, the tourist-class air fare is the maximum amount that is reimbursed regardless of mode chosen. Price comparisons are required when a different mode is chosen.

  • Rental cars are reimbursed at rental cost and actual gas receipts (see BPPM 95.12).
  • Privately-owned vehicles are reimbursed at the applicable mileage rate for miles traveled outside of standard commute (see BPPM 95.11).
    • WSU is not liable for any damage to the vehicle while in travel status.

Miscellaneous Expenses ( see BPPM 95.08)

– Other expenses essential to the transaction of official state business are reimbursable to the traveler.

  • Any miscellaneous travel expenses in excess of $50 must be submitted with original receipts.
  • Any miscellaneous non-travel expenses require a receipt regardless of amount.
    • If the expense is more than $50 it should be purchased through standard purchasing channels.

Conference Registration Fees

– Reimbursed at actual cost.

Defined Meal Period

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