Travel Services CTA Central Travel Accounts

CTA Central Travel Accounts

What is a Central Travel Account (CTA)?

The CTA is a ghost card account with JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) accessible via Workday. The account is set up for departments to use when purchasing air, rail, and bus fare.

What are the Benefits of using a CTA?

Departmental Benefits:

  • Allows departments to purchase air, rail and bus fares without having to seek reimbursement for individuals.
  • Centralizes the booking process within a department, which leads to more efficient and easier verification.
  • Program/Project/Gift/Grant accounts are charged directly during the verification process.
  • WSU is in control of the ticket prior to the trip, which provides easier management of changes to itinerary.
  • Departments/Programs are eligible to accrue reward miles for future travel.

Travelers Benefits:

  • Personal resources do not have to be used for purchases. Payments prior to a trip are considered an advance per the State and are not allowed to be reimbursed until after the trip. Advances for airfare are prohibited per the State.

How to Get a CTA Account?

Departments must apply for a CTA using a memo to Travel Services containing the following information:

  • Department Name
  • Department Organization Number
  • Department Phone Number
  • Department Address
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Person’s Phone Number

For a sample memo click here.

Guidelines for Using CTA Accounts

Who is authorized to use a CTA account?

  • Department personnel authorized by their college/department are allowed to use the CTA.

Prohibited Transactions

  • Any transaction other than air, rail, or bus fare.

Assignment, Verification and Optional Log-Sheets

Department Responsibilities

  • Ensure purchases are compliant with WSU Business Policies and Procedures.
  • Notify Travel Services if there is a change in the primary contact.
  • Maintain log sheet and supporting documents for all transactions associated with the purchases made on the CTA, as well as authorized users.
  • Timely on-line verification in Workday.


For more information regarding the Central Travel Accounts, please contact Travel Services.