Travel Services CTA Central Travel Accounts

CTA Central Travel Accounts

What is a Central Travel Account (CTA)?

The CTA is a ghost card account with internet-based reconciliation via JP Morgan Chase (JPMC). The account is set up for departments to use when purchasing air, rail, and bus fare.

What are the Benefits of using a CTA?

Departmental Benefits:

  • Allows departments to purchase air, rail and bus fares without having to seek reimbursement for individuals.
  • Centralizes the booking process within a department, which leads to more efficient and easier reconciliation.
  • Budgets are charged directly during the reconciliation process.
  • WSU is in control of the ticket prior to the trip, which provides easier management of changes to itinerary.

Travelers Benefits:

  • Personal resources do not have to be used for purchases. Payments prior to a trip are considered an advance per the State and are not allowed to be reimbursed until after the trip. Advances for airfare are prohibited per the State.

How to Get a CTA Account?

Departments must apply for a CTA using a memo to Travel Services containing the following information:

  • Department Name
  • Department Organization Number
  • Department Phone Number
  • Department Address
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Person’s Phone Number
  • Default Budget Coding

For a sample memo click here.

Guidelines for Using CTA Accounts

Who is authorized to use a CTA account?

  • Department personnel authorized by their college/department are allowed to use the CTA.

Prohibited Transactions

  • Any transaction other than air, rail, or bus fare.

Reconciliation and Log-Sheets

  • Departments are required to reconcile all transactions online and maintain a log of all transactions made using a CTA account.

Department Responsibilities

  • Ensure purchases are compliant with WSU Business Policies and Procedures.
  • Notify Travel Services if there is a change in the primary contact.
  • Maintain log sheet and supporting documents for all transactions associated with the purchases made on the CTA, as well as authorized users.
  • Timely on-line reconciliation.


For more information regarding the Central Travel Accounts, please contact Travel Services.