Travel Services Direct Deposit

Employees & Students

To authorize Travel Services or Accounts Payable to directly deposit a reimbursement to a checking account, the employees and students with a WSU Network ID (NID) and password must utilize the self-service online process. The link below will open up the login page to the ‘Direct Deposit Self Service’ form. The user will sign in with their NID and password and then enter their routing number, account number, and email address. Once entered the direct deposit is immediately effective.

Self Service Direct Deposit Authorization Form

The self-service form can also be accessed through the MyWSU portal website. Once logged in the navigation is: Main Menu -> My Profile -> Travel/AP Direct Deposit.


For individuals receiving travel reimbursements that do not have a NID, the paper Travel/Accounts Payable Reimbursement Direct Deposit Authorization form is required. Submit the completed direct deposit authorization form and a voided check to Travel Services.

Note: This does not apply to AP vendors, only individuals seeking travel reimbursement.

If the individual does not have a WSU ID number, that needs to be requested through the Accounts Payable employee responsible for Vendor Management ( The request must include the full name, address and, if a fee is being paid, social security number.

Changes to Direct Deposit Information

It is the responsibility of the account holder to cancel the direct deposit authorization when necessary and to update any changes to their routing number, account number, or email address.

For employees and students, this needs to be done through the online process; for non-employees this needs to be done via the paper form. Both processes are described above.

Should WSU receive a notification of a returned deposit from the bank, Travel Services will remove the direct deposit from PAPR. Future reimbursements will be processed as paper checks and mailed to the address provided on the request for reimbursement. The individual will need to go through the authorization process in order to get reimbursements via direct deposit again.