Travel Services General Information of Travel Advances


WSU can provide a traveler with an advance to help defray some reimbursable travel expenses they will incur while on official business. Reimbursement for expenses incurred prior to the trip are not allowed, per state policy, as they are considered an advance. Any traveler using personal resources while making travel arrangements must either meet the eligibility requirements for an advance, or wait until after the trip to be reimbursed.

Tips to avoid financial hardship when making travel arrangements:

  • Book directly with vendors for lodging and rental cars to reduce the amount paid prior to the trip.
  • Utilize the State Charge Card System for conference registration and airfare purchases to eliminate the need to use personal resources.

Requirements & Limitations

In order to be eligible for an advance the traveler must:

  • Be a WSU employee,
  • Be in travel status for more than 15 days, and
  • Have no outstanding advances in accounting.
  • Can be submitted via Workday Spend Authorization

State policy prohibits advances:

  • For use of privately owned vehicles.
  • For the purchase of commercial air fares.
  • For periods of more than 90 days

Determining the Advance Amount

Best practice is to avoid advancing the traveler more than they will spend. In order to accomplish this, the advance amount should be no more than the total per diem allowance for the number of days in travel status.

Travel to Phoenix, AZ from 3/1/18 thru 3/17/18.

Travel Advance General Info
  • Daily Per Diem Allowance: $174 (lodging) + $59 (meals & incidentals) = $233
  • Number of Days in Travel Status: 16
  • Total of Advance:  $233 X 16  = $3,728