Travel Services Travel Process


Prior Approval

Prior approval is required for ALL official University travel in order for the traveler to be eligible:

  • To travel on behalf of WSU, and
  • To receive reimbursement for authorized and allowable expenses (see BPPM 95.05).

For employees this also is required in order to be covered under WSU’s worker’s compensation insurance while in travel status

Type of Approval

Employee in-state travel allows for verbal approval except when:

  • Requesting an exception to policy, and/or
  • Travel is partially or fully funded by a third party.

All other travel requires written approval done via the Travel Authority (TA) form, or a department’s substitute form.
Note: Departments may have more strict policies and require written approval for all travel.

Form Retention

It is the department’s responsibility to retain the form per the record retention policy, except when it is routed to Travel Services to request a travel advance. When Travel Services issues a travel advance, the form is retained by Central along with the payment voucher for that transaction.

Required Information

The Travel Authority form, or the department’s substitute form, has to include:

  • The traveler;
  • Business purpose of the trip;
  • Detailed itinerary, with dates of when the traveler will be in various locations;
  • Any exceptions to policy;
  • Signature of official authorized to approve travel; and
  • Detailed budget of authorized expenses, including:
    • Budget/project
    • Expense category
    • Amount

When requesting a travel advance, the form must also include:

  • Traveler’s signature agreeing to the travel advance policy;
  • Amount authorized to advance; and
  • Expenditure authority signature, if different than the travel authorization official.