What can I do if I lost my receipts?

Complete an Affidavit of Lost Receipt when a receipt is lost or inadequate. The receipt is inadequate if it does not properly show detailed information of the expense, including date and time, location, vendor, amount, and that the expense had been paid in full.  Lodging and airfare that is submitted with an Affidavit of Lost Receipt will also need to have a bank statement or other proof of payment submitted along with the request.

What personally paid travel expenses can be reimbursed prior to traveling?

Reimbursements for expenses incurred prior to the trip are not allowed per state policy. If the traveler meets the travel advance requirements they can be issued an advance to defray the costs expected to be incurred for the trip. Our policy states a traveler must:

  • Be an employee;
  • In travel status for more than 14 days; and
  • Have no outstanding advances

WSU policy also states that the traveler cannot receive the advance more than 30 days prior to the trip start date.  If the request is outside of state policy (i.e. for a student, more than 30 days prior to the trip start date, or for airfare) the advance would have to be issued on 17A funds. Advances are then cleared upon returning from the trip via a TEV substantiating the expenses.


Where can I find training materials on the Workday system?

Can I use my Travel Card to make personal purchases?

  • The University maintains a zero tolerance policy for any personal usage of University Travel Charge Cards.  Because the card is issued by Washington State University for University business travel expenses, the University may cancel the card account for misuse and/or payment delinquency.

Am I allowed to have a WSU student’s lodging direct billed to WSU?  What if the student also has an hourly position?

  • Yes.  Students traveling on behalf of WSU can have their lodging direct billed regardless of whether they have a hourly position.  The student’s department is responsible for making the arrangements.

If I am traveling and have personal automobile trouble, will WSU reimburse me for getting my car fixed?

  • WSU is not responsible for repairs to personal automobiles. The POV mileage rate that individuals are reimbursed at factors in the cost of owning and operating a vehicle, which includes maintenance and personal insurance as that is the primary coverage when choosing to travel via POV.

May I use the government rate offered by hotels when I am not traveling on business?

  • If the rate is offered to all government employees, whether or not they are on official business, then yes.  If the hotel requires you to be on official business, then you cannot accept the government rate.  To do so would be to use your official position to secure a special privilege.  Reference:  WA State Ethics Board

How do I make changes to the reconciler on my CTA?

Send an email to the Travel Services staff responsible for CTA administration requesting the change, including the name of the current reconciler (primary contact) and the last four of the account number. Copy the current reconciler on the email and the individual responsible for approving the reconciliation.

Does WSU have international travel insurance that includes medical evacuation?

WSU has coverage for faculty and staff who travel to foreign lands, with information found in the Program Summary and on the Risk Management site. If additional information is needed contact the WSU Risk Manager to get answers to specific questions. For the plan for students and their travel coverage contact International Programs.